The Children of Hurin

March 23, 2007

My favorite fictional tale, aside from 1984, is the entire serious of books about the fantasy world J.R.R. Tolkien created including the Lord of the Rings. I also really enjoy The Silmarillion and all of the many writings about the first age. My favorite story from The Silmarillion (it is a narrative of an age, including many individual stories) is the story of Turin Turambar. So when it came out that Tolkien’s son was putting together a full book with a constant and complete narrative like a regular book (and unlike some of the other books he’s put together), I was ecstatic. The book, entitled The Children of Húrin, is set to come out next month. This is the cover page:

Childrin of Hurin cover

Also, for amusements sake, a funny You Tube video about the Lord of the Rings:

Of course this isn’t exactly plausible as the eagles were not meant to take a direct roll, but were observers for Manwe, the ruling god on earth.

I’m part way through writing a very long post about Iraq, and hopefully will finish it within the next week.