October 13, 2006

Of the few television shows that I watch, the most intellectually stimulating is Frontline. For those that don’t know, Frontline is basically a different hour long in depth documentary every week. They cover a range of different issues, social and political. They are very well written, in depth, show multiple sides to every issue, and are engaging and interesting. For my college friends, you probably have seen one in class at least once. Frontline is on Tuesday nights at 8:00 on PBS. Many past documentaries, including the one for the current week, can be viewed online here. I like to watch them online in my free time.

Here were the ones I have the found the most interesting that I would suggest to people:

– “The merchants of cool” is about the relationship between corporate America and teen culture. We watched this one in sociology in summer school.

– “The insurgency” is a very good profile on the insurgency in Iraq, it’s motives, and it’s different branches.

– “Israel’s next war?” is an interesting look into something we don’t see very often, Israeli extremists.