Don’t be a one issue voter

As the presidential campaign progresses, one thing that has really annoyed me is people who write things like “I won’t ever vote for ____ (names candidate) because he supports/opposes ______ (names issue)”. Here’s a real example from the comment section of Bill Richardson’s campaign add on youtube:

i will NEVER vote for this ass! He is against the MISSing Angels bill! HE VETOED IT!

My niece was a fullterm baby who was stillborn from an umbilical cord accident. She deserves the acknowledgement of being born. She has a birth certificate, she was born in Virginia, a state where govenors actually have a soul and heart and care about other people than themselves!

“She may have been stillborn, but she was STILL-BORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Not only did this person post this, but she posted it several times, like people didn’t get the idea the first time.

Campaigns, elections, and political offices, are rarely only about one issue. And rarely does one issue trump all others combined in importance. When you are figuring out what candidate or what party to support, you have to look at all of the issues, not just one. You also have to look at the qualifications of each candidate, and what issues are important for that position. For example, what a presidents foreign policy stances are crucial, while I could basically care less what my state legislators opinion on foreign policy matters is. The president’s stances on the death penalty, gay marriage, or other social issues aren’t very important because he doesn’t have much influence on those issues, while for a state legislator they are more important because he does have influence on those issues. Having experience is very important for a presidential candidate, while it isn’t for a state legislator or for other low level positions.

As my friend Allison said, “You can’t have all the qualities you want in a candidate unless you run yourself right?” Voting is about choosing the candidate that is most acceptable to you. You are very rarely going to find someone who you agree with on everything 100%. For example, right now my top choice for president is Bill Richardson even though I disagree with his stances on Iraq, Israel (he is very pro-Israel, I’m moderate on that issue), and the death penalty (he’s for it, I’m against it.) But because I like the qualities he has and agree with him on most issues, I support him. The same with being a Democrat, I don’t agree with them on everything, but I agree with them on most things and that’s why I consider myself one.

When you refuse to support someone because of one issue even though you might agree with them on most issues, you are doing yourself a dis-service because you are giving up the chance to support someone who would represent you well.


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