Illegal immigrants

Today I was walking out of Jester and a Hispanic man asked me where the cafeteria was.  After trying to give him directions he didn’t seem to comprehend, I decided to walk him to it.  When I asked him which floor he wanted, he didn’t seem to no what I was talking about (their are two different cafeterias in Jester each on a different floor), he just kept asking where the “cafeteria” was.  I asked him what exactly he was trying to do, and he said the word “job.”  It was pretty clear to me that he didn’t speak English.  I guided him to the entrance to Jester City Limits and left.

After reflecting on it, my guess is that he was an illegal immigrant who doesn’t speak English and was trying to find a job.  I felt really bad for him and how scary it must be to try to be looking for a job in a new country where you don’t speak the language.  I wonder what it must be like to be constantly worrying about being caught by the authorities and what the desperation is like that would make someone do such a thing.  Given his apparent confusion, my guess it that he most likely wasn’t able to get a job by just walking in like that.  I wonder at how he is feeding himself and how he is doing.

He is not alone; their are millions of other desperate illegal immigrants in America looking for any job they can get to feed themselves and their families.


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