School Spirit

As a new student at the University of Texas at Austin, I have something now that I didn’t have any of in high school: school spirit. Not the type of school spirit associated with sports, but just being proud of going to UT. UT is a great school, with great people, and in one of the best cities on the planet, Austin. I didn’t have that feeling when I went to Westlake high school; I would have and still would be more likely to talk about how bad it was than to bring up the good parts. I would not wear at Westlake shirt unless it was associated with something good such as choir. For UT I will.

This school spirit for UT doesn’t have anything to do with sports. I dislike how school spirit is linked to sports so much, especially football. I’ll watch an occasional game on TV, root for UT and get into it if it’s a good game (for example the game where UT football team won the championship), but nothing beyond that. School spirit isn’t about sports; it’s about being a great school.

Hook-em Horns.


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